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Vendor Management

CROMSOURCE are experts in selecting and managing third party vendors, such as central laboratories, clinical supplies management providers, etc. We take responsibility for selection and management of these vendors, assuring compliance with quality and service deliverables.
Clinical Trial Supplies – With our carefully selected partners or those of our clients, CROMSOURCE ensures efficient, effective and accountable distribution of clinical trial supplies. We are experts in the import and export requirements of authorities across the globe.
Central Laboratories – CROMSOURCE has deep experience in working with providers of central laboratory services including biological sample laboratories, centralised diagnostic providers, central respiratory laboratories and others.
Operational Supplies – Shipment and collection of a variety of other supplies is a central aspect to most clinical trials. This may include study documentation, copies of images and technical equipment, for example. CROMSOURCE operates a warehouse facility to support storage and effective distribution of supplies for all studies.

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