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Since our inception nearly 20 years ago CROMSOURCE has embraced, developed and invested in technology relating to clinical research. This resulted in the formation of our associated company TECHORIZON Srl (

We believe that technological innovation is essential to streamline workflow, enhance decision making and improve the performance of today’s clinical trials. By remaining at the forefront of creating and developing groundbreaking technological solutions our technology experts help us deliver faster, more efficient services and allow our teams to work smarter on your projects.


Clin-Track® is a GAMP5 validated modular solution launched in 2009 and regularly upgraded since which in a single platform allows total management of clinical projects in real time. It is capable of collecting, collating and presenting an integrated 360° view of information held on numerous internal or external databases, from central laboratory data to electronic CRF data to data from single patient diaries. Clin-Track® is available on any device in real time through secure web-based access and fully customizable reports can be created to automate data review.



Other Products:

CROMSOURCE and Techorizon also offers other products including.

  • Web-based CTMS
  • Web-based Reporting Machine
  • CloudShelf (secure filesharing)
  • Cloud Media Management (secure sharing of large files, e.g. medical images)
  • ePro (customizable, validated solutions for collection of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes)
  • FeRMI (an expert electronic application, dedicated to streamlining and improving the feasibility studies)

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