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Site Selection

Site selection is one of the most important elements of a successful clinical study.

CROMSOURCE’s site selection criteria are based on four guiding principles:

1. Predictability: Can the site accurately predict the enrollment of the required patients?

2. Enrollment: Will the site actually enroll the specified number of patients?

3. Retention: Is the staff and the procedures at the site professional and diligent enough to ensure proper patient retention?

4. Data quality: Does the site have the experience, staff, and methods in place to insure quality data?

CROMSOURCE’s extensive experience of over 1,000 clinical trials has enabled us develop close links to a large number of high quality, motivated investigational sites with high recruitment potential. We also have a clear understanding of site capabilities. We select sites based on their history of high enrollment and consistent delivery of quality data.

During the feasibility stage, we work with the site team to identify prospective patients before the study initiation, thereby giving sponsors the security of firm enrollment targets. From that first contact to the final database lock, our staff tightly manages the efforts and outcomes of every patient interaction, thus insuring full enrollment and on-time execution.

Where CROMSOURCE is responsible for site selection, and as a result of our Feasibility PlusTM approach, we guarantee to complete enrollment accordingly originally agreed timelines.

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