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Our clinical monitors are chosen for their experience in medical device research, and for their high levels of training and commitment. As the crucial interface between the project team and the investigator, CROMSOURCE monitors also demonstrate high levels of site management skills to ensure that issues at sites are addressed quickly and completely, allowing sites to work efficiently and maximising data quality. CROMSOURCE monitors tend to be home-based and are strategically located to ensure local knowledge, language and cultural understanding, and in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

The CROMSOURCE network of monitors perform all activities related to pre-trial/qualification visits, initiation visits, interim monitoring visits and close-out visits, ensuring compliance to the CIP and all regulatory requirements. As noted, they also maintain strong and constructive relationships with investigative sites to ensure successful trial progress.

In addition to our full service offering, CROMSOURCE Staffing Solutions division also provides teams of monitors on a per project or FSP basis.


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