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Clinical Management

Resourcefulness. Diligence. Attention to detail. Modern adaptive approaches.

Project Management is all about keeping your clinical trial on-track and on-time.

CROMSOURCE delivers.

Maybe you are aware of CROMSOURCE’s “End-to-End Guarantee”, assuring sponsors of no CRO-initiated change in scope or change in price. We consistently deliver on this promise through the intelligent execution of our Project Management team.

Project Managers are assigned to your study based on their experience and familiarity with your specific therapeutic area and indication. This prevents costly data errors due to misunderstandings and provides effective communication between the sites, CRAs, Project Managers and most importantly, the sponsors staff and Project Management team.

Everyone who really understands project management knows that a team of individuals with experience working together will out-perform a team of new hires. Because CROMSOURCE has a 92% employee retention rate, our project management teams have years of experience in working together.

Finally, all CROMSOURCE Project Managers undergo extensive training and have strong oversight from the executive team assuring sponsors of consistent high quality and visibility to their study.


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Why Choose Cromsource?

  • One Trial One Price - Guaranteed Fixed Price Budget
  • Feasability Plus
  • Expert Trial Rescue - Guaranteed Study Rescue
  • End to End Guarantee

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